About the Editor

I am a young woman with a bi-cultural background (German and American) that has allowed me experience beauty from two very different viewpoints. I find American culture to be very focused on finished products, which aid in fitting self-care regimens into otherwise very busy lives. On the other hand, I feel Europeans tend to have a home remedy for nearly every ailment, even those that are purely vain. Here I choose to marry these different approaches by showcasing ready-made products from all price points, while also providing recipes for simple and effective treatments you can make at home.

I created The Viridi Files mostly to save those closest to me from having to listen to me wax on about clay masks and my new favorite lipstick, but also to provide newcomers to green beauty, and seasoned veterans alike, with an authentic opinion on whatever product that is blowing my skirt up at the moment. You will find that I post positive reviews almost exclusively; I do so because I prefer to focus my energy (and your attention) towards what I really love, opposed to what I dislike. Further, I do not want to deter people from experimenting with products that capture their attention– that is half the fun of beauty! However, if you are curious about a specific product or brand I have not mentioned, feel free to leave me a comment, and if I have tried it, I will give you my honest opinion.

Decorative Cosmetics

I have cool-toned, very fair skin (which almost always require the lightest foundation/concealer shade a company offers), and favor an even canvas and bold lashes the most. I typically stick to cool-toned pink blushes, gold/bronze/plum eye shadow shades, black mascara, and cool pink-nude lip products, but do also enjoy unexpected punches of color on occasion.


Though my skin tends to remain fairly clear, I do sometimes suffer from cystic hormonal acne, which I attempt to mitigate through the use of carefully curated topical products. I have large pores and thus continuously combat sebaceous filaments, and am seeking to curb or dampen the effects of aging the best I can. I suffered from facial and body acne as a teen, and therefore have learned to meticulously read ingredient labels to ensure none of my personal “triggers” are contained therein. I am not able to tolerate coconut oil, cacao/cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, mineral oil, among other ingredients, and try to steer clear of silicones.


2B/2C wavy curls, 4.5 inch ponytail circumference, medium porosity, auburn, and entirely virgin. I use little to no heat on my hair, opting to either air dry, or diffuse on a cold setting every so often. I live for over-the-top volume, which I often achieve through  French/Dutch braids worn overnight, and have a penchant for pretty (and when possible, handcrafted and seamless) hair tools. I typically shampoo my hair once a week, and co-wash two to three times in between shampoo session. I use products that meet the requirements of the Curly Girl Method.


In my Sartorial Blips, I showcase a variety of clothing/shoe/jewelry items I have either recently procured and have been loving, or items with which I have established a lasting relationship. My personal style is varied, but perennial sources of inspiration include: the 60s, 70s, and 90s, Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot, Cher, Diane Kruger, Björk, Claudia Schiffer… I love to peruse thrift shops for special finds, and also do quite a bit of shopping at Nordstrom, J Crew, Madewell, Splendid, H&M, and on Etsy.